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„Over the last two years we’ve build a strong partnership with IBM integrating our technology in their input management solutions already rolled out for german insurance companies. With Planet AI’s technology, non coded information in form of unstructured scanned documents from incoming post is transformed into useful coded information for further processing and makes these informations accessible that way. Together with IBM we’ve recently enabled the technology to utilize GPUs on the IBM Power System.“


Planet are proud to announce an invigorating partnership with Hampshire-based technology company Novatech. In an exciting strategic partnership spanning across Europe, the two companies are working hard to develop a brand new, intelligent Deep Learning platform which will have useful properties for every industry.  PlanetBrain is the accumulation of the latest integrated state-of-the-art technologies that is trained for real-world environments. With easy deployment, it makes the perfect software for Novatech’s latest endeavour into the growing world of Deep Learning. With over 30 years working in technology, vast in-house facilities, and a skilled team of dedicated personnel, Planet are excited to be working with Novatech’s team and look forward to the future.

Adam Matthew Digital

Adam Matthew Digital is the first publisher to work exclusively with Planet-AI, to utilise Artificial Intelligence to offer transformative search capabilities with Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR). As from June 2018,  Planet AI’s ground breaking technology will be fully integrated into Adam Matthew’s ‘out of the box’ publishing platform, Quartex, providing the ability to search hand written documents without any additional IT development. 


The technology oriented „Planet artificial intelligence“ in fact is a spin-off from the more business oriented „Planet intelligent systems“ improving the focus of both companies towards their core competence. Therefore Planet IS is a very close partner licensing technology and engines from Planet AI to boost their products and solutions in the markets for Traffic Surveillance, Postal Automation and Document Analysis. Many impressive and powerful industrial applications in the field speaking for themself and telling a clear story about this amazing cooperation.


CITlab and Planet AI joining their research forces since many years and within more than 5 large  research projects aiming to enhance the state of the art technology in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing.

Joint workshops, monthly CITnet colloquiums, frequent technology presentations are some of the examples of our exciting cooperation.


Transkribus is the only open and free platform in the world where users have direct access to the technology of Handwritten Text Recognition. Users can upload their historical documents, train neural networks, run them on their documents to receive automatically-generated transcripts and perform keyword spotting. More than 10,000 users from all over the world have registered so far. In addition 60+ institutions such as universities, archives and libraries are exploring the options of this technology for their own collections and for mass-processing. The overall aim of Transkribus is to revolutionize access to historical documents for the benefit of scholars, archives and the broader public.

PLANET AI and the University of Rostock (CITlab Team) played a key role in making all this happen. Being part of the H2020 EU Project READ (Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents) the teams in Rostock worked hard on providing a mature software solution which can be applied to any kind of document, script or alphabet. Full Unicode support was an important requirement for Transkribus where several research groups are processing medieval documents with a large number of very specific characters, but where users are also interested in Hebrew or Arabic. The Handwritten Text Recognition engine is reliable and quick; hundreds of trainings have been performed by the Transkribus team from the University of Innsbruck with impressive results.

We are looking forward to continuing this close collaboration with CITlab and the PLANET AI team over the next few years! Since technology is developing so fast, we know that Handwritten Text Recognition is only the beginning. Information extraction from structured and unstructured documents (tables, forms, but also running texts), intelligent text exploration with the use of agents and personal assistants, or even the use of swarm-intelligence in the fields of historical research are at the cutting edge of research and will change the way scholars are performing their work and genealogists are diving into the history of their families. We are sure that our collaboration with PLANET AI and CITLab will help to lead the next revolution in the study of historical documents.