Intelligent Document Analysis

Industries and Consumer Markets

Planet AI’s document analysis capabilities can be used by every company that needs to process a large number of documents with the highest accuracy and speed.

Together with our integration partners, we are confident that we can offer a suitable solution for your individual needs.

Find out which industries benefit most from our expertise.

Insurance industry


Sorting and processing of incoming documents are the biggest challenges for many insurance companies. Being able to search and extract from the scanned text, classifying single pages or entire documents: See how Planet AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) solved many problems with the greatest accuracy and speed possible, saving time on a large scale.

Use Cases


Government agencies often face the inability to keep up with the sheer amounts of forms and tables, filled with typescript, handwriting, or both at once. Planet AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) has a solution for this challenge – by offering highly accurate classification, extraction, and searching capabilities. At the same time, confidential data is safe by deploying on-premise. Look at our use cases to learn more.

Use Cases
Banking industry


Banks and other companies from the financial sector face similar challenges like all industries that process a large number of documents: searching contracts, classifying incoming letters, extracting one specific value. Thanks to our patented PerceptionMatrix technology, Planet AI can fulfill these tasks with the highest accuracy on the market. Look at our use cases to find out more.

Use Cases
Healthcare industry


Medical documents often contain not only sensitive data but also checkboxes and tables. Being able to highlight important conditions and terms, sort sample forms, and extract relevant content makes a huge difference. Planet AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) masters these tasks and keeps the data safe by being deployed on-premise. Read our use cases to learn how we can help clients from the healthcare sector.

Use Cases
Digital archive industry