IDA – Intelligent Document Analysis

Solutions and Features

PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis Suite (IDA) can read and understand a broad spectrum of documents from ancient hand-written documents to modern machine-generated ones.

IDA puts the power of artificial intelligence at the disposal of your application by integrating document classification, search and transcription in a complete package accessible through its well-defined application program interface (API).


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New Release: IDA 4.4
New Release: IDA 4.4
Document Batch


Many of today’s business applications rely on transcriptions of scanned documents to identify specific information to extract them. PLANET AI takes a different, holistic approach – beating the standard Optical Character Recognition (OCR) by lengths. Handwriting and typescript on scanned documents in all kinds of qualities become accessible for reading and structuring with outstanding accuracy. Our Textlayer supports many different languages and can export the output as PDF or JSON.

Use Cases