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Doctor AI follows a multichannel approach: Our target groups include physicians as well as insurances and patients. Our ultimate goal is to decisively advance the digitization of the Electronic Health Record (EHR).

For this reason, Doctor AI combines two of Planet AI’s core skills: Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) and image analysis. Together with our extensive network of research and business partners, we aim to push state-of-the-art and ultimately incorporate results into our products. Learn more about our current projects.

Diagnostic Imaging

Projects leveraging Planet AI’s image analysis capabilities

IRA Spine

With 3.42 million examinations per year, MRI scans of the spine rank second among all MRI examinations in Germany. The evaluation of the images alone takes ten to 15 minutes. With Doctor AI, this time can not only be reduced – the standardized analysis and classification with the help of reference data significantly improves the diagn