Mobile devices are everywhere today and play a key role in business applications as input sources and support for real-time decision-making. PLANET AI brings the power of ArgusSearch to mobile devices, empowering them as part of a business solution.

Mobile devices are also at the center of people’s private lives. Imagine: You completely forgot about today’s birthday of your best friend and now you need to send him this unique greeting card. But how to find it out of your 5.000 images on your phone? ArgusSearch enables you to find that one photo or document based on keywords or phrases.

ArgusSearch has the power to find what you need – in the palm of your hand.


Searching for texts in all your images?
ArgusSearch will find it for you!

PLANET AI’s ArgusSearch for Mobile (Textsuche in Fotos) will search for any text and keywords in all your photos or scanned and photographed documents, whether they are handwritten or printed. It combines state-of-the-art text recognition technology with our patented technology for keyword spotting.

The image search (content search on your images/photos) runs completely on your device without the need to connect to a cloud service, guaranteeing privacy protection of your data.

Currently, ArgusSearch only works for Latin characters (no Cyrillic, Arabic, Chinese). Other language sets will be developed in the future based on client projects.