Intelligent Speech Analysis

Bring the power of AI to analyse, search and extract information from spoken words

PLANET AI’s Speech Analysis can process and understand audio files with speech with groundbreaking accuracy. Thanks to our patented technology and extensive AI experience, we provide you with the most advanced machine learning capabilities – now applied to spoken word. Search for keywords and classify recordings in a wide variety of applications from call center to law enforcement and much more.


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Many of today’s business applications rely on transcriptions of audio files to find and extract specific information. PLANET AI takes a different, holistic approach that is superior to conventional concepts. Audio files of all possible qualities are transcribed with outstanding accuracy, making them searchable and ready for the next step in your workflow.

Textlayer Speech


ArgusSearch enables full-text search in audio files with a level of accuracy never seen before. It supports the use of natural language expressions, making it easier to find files in a specific date range. ArgusSearch is lightning-fast because no prior creation of transcription is required. Search in both English and German speech files with the highest precision and quality available.

ArgusSearch Speech


Enhanced classification defines the next evolutionary step into a fully automatic assistance system. Classify incoming audio files and send them back to your workflow quickly and accurately. By providing only a few tagged sample files, the system recognizes significant characteristics and continues learning autonomously. You can use the classified files to automate processes – dramatically reducing manual input, the potential for mistakes and cost.