Project Description

Upgrading AOK Nordost’s Electronic Mailbox

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German insurance company
1.7 million clients



IDA Textlayer

Customer Challenge:

Insurance company AOK Nordost presented PLANET AI with the challenge of managing 250,000 incoming pages per workday – 60 million per year. Their successive workflow included scanning, editing and filing documents. In contrast to an already existing electronic inbox, the solution had to be able to handle handwritten and non-coded information from scanned documents. Additionally, the job needed to be done during business hours – managing tens of thousands of letters per hour.

PLANET AI’s Solution:

PLANET AI provided AOK Nordost with their IDA Textlayer feature. The patented Automatic Text Recognition technology beats standard Optical Character Recognition (OCR) approaches by lengths. Handwriting and typescript in all kinds of qualities have now become accessible for reading and structuring with outstanding accuracy. Per request, the solution has been continually developed by including more languages and increasing the engine’s speed and recognition quality even further.

Customer Benefits:

AOK benefits from PLANET AI’s solution by saving hours of manual revising their former inbox engine – resulting in a more efficient workflow. Indexed data can now be filed in a sustainable and effective way due to the engine’s output format (PDF/A). Together with IBM as an integrator, the implementation of IDA into the client’s post-processing workflow succeeded without problems. Further developments will include implementing PLANET AI’s ArgusSearch technology, giving AOK a quick access to millions of archived documents.