Project Description

Return safely back to work –
capturing vaccination records with IDA ArgusSearch

The Challenge:

Manage the unexpected volume of privacy-sensitive data created as employees return to offices after months of working from home. Employers must provide authorities with information about each person’s COVID-19 vaccination status – creating millions of documents that must be input into databases manually while respecting strict privacy guidelines.

PLANET AI’s Solution:

IDA ArgusSearch, PLANET AI’s powerful search engine, captures and searches vaccination forms with the highest accuracy. Leveraging the patented PerceptionMatrix capability, it can find text visually in the document, without the need to transcribe it first.

ArgusSearch checks if all required fields of incoming documents are filled out and comply with the company’s guidelines – name, vaccine, dates, and so on. As soon as the check is complete, the personal data are safely deleted.

The Benefits:

IDA processes large batches of documents without manual intervention, whether they are handwritten or machine-printed, efficiently and cost-effectively. Even blurry images or rotated scans can be handled without costly human intervention.

Extracted information from the forms can be input directly into a database – maintaining security and privacy through a fully automated process. On-premises deployment and the automatic deletion of sensitive data guarantee compliance with privacy guidelines.

Fast and accurate


Patented technology