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IDA Extraction

Customer Challenge:

A biotech company presented PLANET AI with the challenge to help increase their testing throughput to keep up with the rapid growth in volume caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Each test is accompanied by a handwritten form, often completed in a hurry, and using a wide variety of medical terms, as well as patient characteristics indicated using checkboxes. Their goal was to automate the extraction and highlight relevant clinical data to reduce manual transcription and the potential for errors while increasing productivity without adding more staff.

PLANET AI’s Solution:

  • PLANET AI provided the client with their IDA engine (intelligent document analysis), including the Textlayer capability. It generates a go-head for further processing by making the scanned content readable and searchable. The patented Automatic Text Recognition (ATR) technology improves both accuracy and speed compared to standard Optical Character Recognition (OCR) products, particularly for handwritten content.
  • Additionally, PLANET AI’s Key-Value Extraction enables the client to extract only relevant information quickly from patient forms, such as name, address, symptoms and other values.

Customer Benefits:

Employees are now able to analyze and validate patient information directly within documents. Additionally, they can search for any element required and automatically populate the database with extracted information.

Critical data contained in the checkboxes and specific medical terms can be marked and extracted – enabling better-informed and faster decision-making.

Through Automated Text Recognition, the client could free up the time of their laboratory staff to focus on higher-value tasks – while ensuring the rapid and accurate processing of patient