Project Description

Registration Tracking for Government Agency

Government agency
10,000 employees


of documents/week

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IDA ArgusSearch
IDA Extraction

Customer Challenge:

A government agency presented PLANET AI with a 3-pronged challenge:

  • Extract handwritten data from new and historical registration forms with greater accuracy and significantly higher speed than manual transcription
  • Sort forms by date for batch scanning and maintain the strictest confidentiality of personal data
  • Improve tracing performance to provide law enforcement authorities with critical information required to act on incidents in a more timely fashion

PLANET AI’s Solution:

  • PLANET AI implemented IDA Extraction allowing the agency to extract key-value pairs from documents, like names, addresses and their corresponding value.
  • With PLANET AI’s powerful patented search technology IDA ArgusSearch, the agency is now able to pinpoint a single registration form within seconds to provide law enforcement authorities with the information they need.

Customer Benefits:

The agency saves thousands of man-hours per year while speeding up the input process significantly. This makes critical information available to law enforcement authorities sooner – reducing the time required to trace an incident-involved object from days or hours to just minutes while still respecting all the legal privacy requirements.

Future developments could include giving external law enforcement agencies direct access to perform their own searches, as well as providing retailers the ability to digiti