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PLANET artificial intelligence is a research-driven company, developing next-generation artificial intelligence and machine learning software into industrial applications for insurance, government, healthcare and banking.

Intelligent Document Analysis

PLANET AI’s Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) is able to read and even understand a broad spectrum of documents – from ancient hand-written documents to modern machine-generated ones. IDA integrates with business applications to classify, search and transcribe scanned documents to identify and extract information quickly and accurately.

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Medical Assistant

PLANET AI’s healthcare solution – Doctor AI – leverages the patented core technology and assists physicians by providing qualified recommendations in routine tasks, such as image analysis. Additionally, Doctor AI is able to process medical documents to create a holistic view of the patient by integrating lab values, clinical notes, medical history and more.

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Image Analysis

PLANET AI offers three features for intelligent image analysis: image classification, object detection and image segmentation. They can be used to automate processes and assist in a variety of use cases and industries, such as healthcare, traffic surveillance, law enforcement.

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Speech Analysis

PlanetBrain can process and understand spoken words with outstanding accuracy, providing the ability to search words within the content. Whether monitoring call center conversations or parsing witness statements – PLANET AI’s speech analysis allows groundbreaking results.

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Traffic Surveillance

PLANET AI’s advanced computer vision technology can detect and track vehicles from still images or traffic surveillance videos, as well as read license plates or identify drivers. PlanetBrain even discerns between overlapping objects in the same image and helps authorities overcome other difficulties encountered in these challenging environments.

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Logistics & Post

PLANET AI provides the leading technology for address recognition, processing parcels and letters at FedEx, the United States Postal Service (USPS) and many European vendors. Our technology can handle addresses with complex layouts, hand- and machine-written text and custom declaration forms fast and accurately.

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Mobile Applications

PLANET AI’s development roadmap embraces mobile platforms that play an increasingly integral role in business applications. We help to put our unique AI-driven solutions closer to the point of use, bringing valuable insights for decision-making to the hands of the people who need it most.

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“IDA processes 96% of incoming documents automatically, without human intervention, leading to a 70% reduction in the number of employees performing this task.”

Christian Grimm, Executive Partner, IBM Germany
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“AMD has been investigating the technology for several years and when we were introduced to PLANET AI’s ground-breaking technology we were very excited about integrating their AI search into our platform solutions. Our developers have been working with PLANET since 2016 to establish this integration. Our Quartex platform presents an exciting opportunity to deliver document management with the added benefit of HTR search and discovery to a broad range of organizations in the education, legal, pharmaceutical and financial sectors.”

Khal Rudin, Managing Director, Adam Matthews Digital
“With PLANET’s unique, award-winning technology and TIMETOACT GROUP’s years of experience in application integration, including document management and enterprise content management (ECM), we can help our customers be more successful with Intelligent Document Processing and use Artificial Intelligence for their business processes.”
Dr. Matthias Quaisser, Business Development Lead, TIMETOACT GROUP

“Working with the software developed by PLANET AI and the CITlab Team from the University Rostock is always a pleasure and leads to amazing results. This definitely has the potential to be a game changer in the fields of historical research.”

Günther Mühlberger, READ

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